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Aerial Yoga
(Aerial Yoga and Fitness)
We now offer aerial yoga classes at our studio! Please see the timetable for dates.

Aerial Arts
(Aerial Dance and Fitness)
We are the first pole dance school in the UK to recognise the similarities and teach these aerial skills alongside our pole teaching (also the first centre to offer aerial training anywhere in the Midlands), Genevieve having practiced this art since 2006 and introducing it to our Derby studio in 2007. 

Many pole schools have now followed our lead and introduced this wonderful art to their students.  Using Silks and trapeze, corde lisse (rope) and aerial hoop (lyra) these classes are challenging, great fun and a great accompaniment to your pole dancing.  There are many similarities between pole dance and aerial dance and you will see how enjoyable and challenging this class can be.  Summary: warm up, climbing, locks and holds, combinations and inverts if ability of the group allows, cool down and stretch.   

Skills to be gained
Aerial arts require and combine those elements learned in pole dancing: co-ordination, confidence, flexibility, concentration, athleticism, skill, dexterity, grace, gymnastics, strength and sensuality. You will have already improved these elements through pole dance and so this is an ideal complement to your skills. Choreography will be introduced at a later date. Elements of acrobalance (see below) are also incorporated into the classes.


Payable in advance to secure your place.

Open to all levels of ability.

Maximum 10 participants per group/course.

£50 for 4 sessions; £15 for one session.

To read A Brief History of Aerial, click here.

To check out the Timetable, click here.


Do you remember what it was like to fly?

Acrobalance is an acrobatic art form which incorporates elements of Adagio (graceful lifts without hands) and partner hand balancing (hand to hand, foot to foot or hand to foot).

For acrobalance you will need a flyer, a base and spotter and you will learn all three elements. There is a strong element of trust involved in all three roles, but playfulness still remains.

Acrobalance Classes
Genevieve was first introduced to acrobalance and adagio in 2006 while training at Circus school. Though Gymnastic and Circus training techniques are similar in their structure (many gymnasts go on to perform in the circus and so training techniques are similar), there is no softly, softly approach to training! Some individuals may thrive in this competitive situation, but Genevieve felt that her personal experience in gymnastics and acrobalance was like a baptism of fire with no gentle introduction. This is why she has decided to teach this art form as well as aerial dance to groups in a progressive and inclusive way. Please see the timetable for dates.








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