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How do I book and purchase lessons?
Book Online Please check the timetable. You can also call or email to check availability and book if you prefer. Please specify the date for which you are booking.

What do I wear to classes?
It is recommended that you wear workout shorts and t-shirt or vest top, as skin contact with the pole is needed. Stretchy material is best so that you have a good range of movement. If you are coming for a taster session or your first lesson you may prefer to wear workout pants over your shorts until you feel comfortable. Please bear in mind that you may be limited in what you are able to acheive without skin contact.

Why can't I apply moisturiser or tan before coming to class?
These are never fully absorbed into the skin, will transfer onto the pole during use and will hinder your aswell as other's grip. Moisturiser is the sworn enemy of pole dancers (only while pole dancing, obviously!) and makes the pole slippery and therefore dangerous. Please be considerate and do not apply on the day of the class or alternatively shower first.

Why do I have to remove jewelery?
Metal against metal impairs your grip. We need to maximise your grip. You will need to remove rings, bracelets and watches. Also, the poles are specialised equipment; jewelery makes pretty patterns on the poles but also damages them (the poles that is; though your jewelery may also become damaged).

What about shoes?
Footwear can be split sole jazz shoes, ballet shoes, trainers or similar. This is something that is personal; you will soon find what suits you. Split soled jazz shoes are the best footwear for classes, but bare feet are ok for your first few lessons.

Who comes to classes?
The Flying Studio classes are open to all women, no matter your age (so long as you are over 18), shape, size or fitness levels.

How many women per class?
There are usually between 6 and 10 women per class.

Do you run men's classes?
Yes! Please check the timetable.

How many poles do you have in the studio?
The Derby studio has 6 poles.

Where is the studio located?
The Derby studio is here.

What facilities does the studio offer?
Details are here.

Am I too old?
You are never too old to learn new skills. This is irrelevant to me, but you can tell me how old you are if you like! A sensual woman is ageless. If you are lucky enough to look under 18, I will ask you for identification.

Where are the classes held?
Classes in are held at The Studio.

Are men allowed or do you have mixed classes?
Most classes are women only. Please check the timetable for men only classes.

What pole dancing qualifications do you have ?
There are currently no recognised qualifications for pole dancing, but this is changing. All of the Flying Studio's teachers are experienced in public performance and have trained in pole dancing for a substantial amount of time both via the Studio and also through self teaching.

Flying Studio teachers are warm, friendly and approachable, have a passion for the art of pole dancing, understand it's elements and know how to break them down to teach them effectively in a safe and enjoyable way .

Is it safe?
Your instructor is an experienced, professional (non-nude) pole dancer with extensive knowledge of the art and how to break down its elements and teach them safely and correctly. Please read your instructor's biography for more information.

As with any sporting activity, injury can occur. Pole dancing can excacerbate existing injuries, especially back, neck and joints problems. Therefore, should this apply to you, it is advised that you seek medical advice before enrolling.

The Flying Studio classes are taught in a structured way, paying attention to your health and safety. The classes are progressive and flexible enough to be able to adjust to individual needs.

Are there any rules?
In order to secure a place, payment must be made in advance.

All students must complete a disclaimer form and state any relevant medical conditions.

In order that you get the most out of your classes, please listen to and follow your instructors instructions. No responsibility will be taken for students deliberately ignoring these or behaving in a dangerous way. In extreme cases, you may be asked to leave.

Please do not drink alcohol before coming to class.

Please do not apply moisturiser, oil, lotion or tan to your body on the morning of class (alternatively shower before you come to class).

Classes are open to women over 18.

Please remove rings, bracelets and watches. They impair your grip and scratch the poles!

No negative comments about self or others in class. Only positive comments, such as; "Wow, look at me!" "You nailed that spin!" and so on.......

Is there anywhere I can go to find out about other poler's experiences?
Yes, check out our Facebook group.

Will I have to strip?
Unless we are talking about your cardigan, No. Nudity is not allowed at classes.

Is there an age limit?
You must be 18 or over. There is no upper age limit.

My friends can't come after all, can I still come alone?
Of course! Many women come to class alone. It's also a great place to meet other like-minded women!

I am a bit unsure about lifting my bodyweight. Is it for me?
Pole dancing is about more than just tricks. It is a workout and dance form that every woman can practice. Why not try a taster session?

I am pregnant. Can I still come to class?
Pole dancing is unsuitable if you are pregnant or if you have very recently given birth. Please check with you doctor if you are unsure.

I have previous injuries, back, joint problems, medical conditions. Can I still take part?
Please check with your doctor if you are unsure about previous and present conditions before taking part in a pole dance class.

How much does it cost?
See Prices and Rates for cost.

Can I purchase a gift voucher for lessons?
Yes. You can purchase a taster, course, private lessons or group session for a friend or loved one (redeemable within 3 months). Please see Prices and Rates for cost and booking.

Why do I have to pay in full? Can't I just pay as I go along?
You can pay as you go for our mixed ability ongoing pole dance and fitness classes. If you would like a pay as you go class, please see the ongoing classes on the timetable.

For courses you will have to pay in advance. There are a limited number of spaces per class in a course. In order to secure your place, payment must be in full. The well structured and taught courses progress from week to week, as will you! In addition, your instructor may travel some distance to get to class, so she needs to be sure of the numbers of participants in attendance.

Why is a booking fee needed for parties?
The booking fee ensures that ou have the studio and instructor to yourself for the whole session. These sessions get very booked up, especially during the wedding season so securing your slot to avoid dissapointment is essential.

How long does each class last?
Each class lasts 1 hour. Celebratory sessions are either 1.5 hours or 3 hours. If you require a longer lesson, for example a 2 hour private lesson, please contact us.

What happens if I know I will miss a class during the course?
If you know that you will miss a class before the course starts, we may be able to accomodate you. It is not adviseable to miss a class as the course progresses from week to week. If you miss two or more classes, you may want to repeat the course.

What if I am sick or can't make the class? Can I come to a practice session to make up the missed class?
You may come to any of the practice sessions, they are for everyone, but there will be a charge to attend.

How do I get a refund?
Your course fee/lesson fee/group session fee will be refunded in full if you give two weeks written notice prior to the start of the course/session. 50% of the course fee/lesson fee/group session fee will be refunded if you give less than two weeks written notice prior to the start of the course/session. 25% of the course fee/lesson fee/group session fee will be refunded if you give less than one weeks written notice prior to the start of the course/session. If you give less than 48hrs written notice prior to the start of your course/session, your course fee/lesson fee/group session fee will be forfeited.

Is it worth coming to the drop in or practice sessions?
Yes, definately! Many students find an extra chance to practice and polish up their moves and technique with other polers extremely beneficial.

Can I repeat a course?
Yes, of course you can. The courses follow a syllabus that is flexible enough to accomodate this. Every group dynamic is different.

I haven't been to The Flying Studio for ages. Can I still come to an ongoing class or practice session?
Of course! If you have been taught by us previously, you are always welcome to attend!

I just want to come and practice or attend the ongoing class with other polers, but have practiced elsewhere until now. Am I still welcome?

Do you have any regular events for pole dance students?
Yes, regular Pole Jams and Showcases are held. See our events timetable.


If your question is not covered in this section, please email to find out the answer!

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