Q. I am a beginner.  How do I start?

A. You can attend a taster session or go straight to a 4 week structured beginner course. Please check Class availability and then book by paying in advance via online payment methods.

Q. How much are classes?

A. Please see our price list here.

Q. What happens after I have completed my first block?

A. You may then attend the ongoing classes. These are taught in blocks of 4 or 8 consecutive weeks. Often themed or building towards a goal.


Q. What do I wear to your pole dance class?

A. You can wear shorts and vest top for pole dance class. Leggings are also fine if you feel more comfortable. As you progress, you may choose to wear shorts later to help with your grip. If you wear shorts, please wear leggings or similar over the top for warm up. Feet need to be covered with socks. At some classes you may wear heels during the class. Please wear trainers and also layers such as leggings and sweatshirt for warm up and warm down. Knee pads are a must.

Q. What do I wear to your floor dance class?

A. You can wear leggings and vest top with layers such as sweatshirt and trainers for warm up and warm down. Knee pads are a must. There is a lot of gorgeous pole dance and floor dance wear out there which you are welcome to wear. For hygiene, a full crotch please.

Q. What should I bring?

A. Just yourself, some water and good attitude! Minimise belongings that you bring to class please.

Q. Why do I have to pay in advance?

A. The main reason is that when you arrive at class, your teacher can get on with the fun part, teaching you! Your teacher needs to know who is coming to class in order to prepare correctly. We pay hire fees to our venues that need to be covered regardless of who turns up to class. If you pay in advance, in blocks, experience tells us that you will also show up because you have committed! Simple! 

Q. Why are your classes more expensive than a fitness class or a dance class?

A. Because we are no ordinary dance class!  As you will see when you attend.  You benefit from years and years of our extensive pole training and knowledge.  Pole teaching is a highly skilled vocation that takes many years to master.  Pole studios have overheads such as Rent, Insurance, various Music licences, Subscriptions to trade unions such as Equity, Travel expenses, Continued professional development, Training aids, Masterclasses to name but a few.  We value what we do and believe that what we offer is at the fairest possible price.

Q. Why should I come to your pole dance school?

A. What we can say to that is that in addition to 19 years pole dance experience, what we offer is an inclusive, friendly, encouraging, supportive, non competitive environment.  We encourage community spirit and care of your body.  We teach progressively and linearly. You will only build towards moves when your teacher feels that you are ready.  You will not be held back if you are ready.  We discourage injury causing moves and certain grips.  You will know we are right for you if you value yourself, your body and know how to respect others and listen to the wisdom of your teacher. Our classes are dance based. Classes are open to those who have danced before as well as those who have not danced before. Dancer or no previous dance experience, everyone starts at beginner level. We keep the "dance" in pole dance.

Q. How long are your classes?

A. Classes are 45 minutes (private) or 1 hour (group)long.  We have always taught and continue to teach small groups, so you will have plenty of time to practice and master the techniques.

Q. Why do courses cost more than ongoing classes?

A. Courses generally have less people in them and so you will get more help from your teacher.  You need more time to get to grips with the pole in the early stages.  as you move to the ongoing classes, you buddy up and work with others in the group.

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