What is Pole Dancing?

Pole dancing is beautiful art form that can be performed in many ways. Pole dancing has always had it's roots firmly in the sensual, sexual, the erotic and the exotic. In recent times, we pole dancers have pushed the limits of what humans can do via gymnastic pole, and now offer women new to pole various different genres within pole dance itself!

Pole dance has diversified into various styles such as: lyrical, classical, exotic, classique, pole fitness and gymnastic. Most pole dance studios focus on their strengths as dancers. For example, some dancers may naturally be better at flow, or climbing, spins, floorwork, tricks. The amazing thing about pole dancing is that all the elements come together eventually, some may just be more natural than others.

Pole Dancing is:

  • a fantastic way to express yourself, tone up and get fit.
  • an amazing way to connect with your body and be in the moment.
  • fun and confidence boosting.
  • a great way to make new friends.
  • nurturing and good for your soul

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