Past Events

Saturday 28th September 2013 - Pole and PoleSilks duo performance at Derby Feste in Derby City Centre.

Friday 29th November 2013 - Pole and Samba Performances at Pole Express, Long Eaton. A Pole Showcase organised by our friends PoleMagnets in Long Eaton.

Thursday 1st May 2014 - UKPole Dance Day.

We had a great time at the studio and at the park urban poling!

Saturday 6th September 2014 - Pole and Samba Performances at a Pole Showcase organised by our friends PoleMagnets in Long Eaton.

Sunday 23rd November 2014 - Our Pole and Variety Show!

Our show celebrating 12 years of The Flying Studio.  That's us! BUY TICKETS.



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